Traveling to Disney World with small children?

Here’s a compilation of some of the best tips and tricks to help your time at the parks go more smoothly!

  • You may find that a stroller is useful even if your children are past the typical “stroller age,” as there is a LOT of walking in Disney! Consider renting a stroller at the parks. This will keep you from having to deal with folding and carrying it on a crowded bus to and from the parks. If you have the Park Hopper option and visit multiple parks in a day, just show your receipt to receive a stroller at each park you visit.

  • If traveling with a stroller, consider purchasing a shower curtain from the Dollar Store before your trip. This is great to have with you to put over your stroller in the event of rain. Dry seats for the kids, and dry items that have been left in the stroller!

  • Bring extra shoes. (for kids and adults!). I like to keep Natives in my backpack to switch into if there is rain!

  • Another alternative to strollers at Disney is to rent from a stroller company, such as Kingdom Strollers. These companies will deliver the stroller to your resort and pick it up when you leave. They offer an array of sizes and brands. (If you need help with this, please let me know, as I can provide discounted pricing!)

  • Glow sticks purchased prior to your trip at the Dollar Store make a great alternative to expensive light up souvenirs sold at the parks!

  • Rider Switch… Many guests do not realize that if someone in your party is too small to ride a certain attraction, you are allowed to utilize Rider Switch. What this means is that one parent can go on the ride—alone or with older/taller child(ren), while the other parent stays at the front of the line with the too small child(ren). After the first parent has completed the ride, the second parent gets a turn—without having to wait in line again!

  • Lines for the most popular rides with toddlers tend to thin out after dinner, so plan you visit later in the day!. This means that once bedtime arrives, many of Fantasyland’s attractions see their shortest wait times of the day. PLUS – if your kids can handle staying up late a night or two of your trip, this is a great way to avoid the sun/heat of the midday!

  • Have a child that is sensitive to loud sounds? Bring ear plugs to use during the fireworks.

  • If you child is afraid of the dark, think twice about attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean Haunted Mansion or Dinosaur.

  • Long line for Dumbo or Winnie the Pooh? Don’t worry! There are tons of fun interactive activities to keep your kids busy in the waiting queue. (Dumbo even offers a play area with pagers that will let you know when it’s your turn to fly!)

  • Baby Care Centers are located near the entrance in each park. Changing stations are also available in every restroom in every park.

  • Book character meals to avoid waiting in lines at the parks to meet the characters.

  • Buy ponchos BEFORE you go! These can be purchased on Amazon, or at the Dollar Store! We like to purchase one per person, per day, that way if we have to use them, we don’t have to put a wet poncho back in our backpacks once we are finished with it.

  • Unsure of what to pack? Consult our ultimate Disney Packing List!

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