Top Five Exuma Experiences

Top Five Exuma Experiences

Considering a day trip to the island of Exuma? Here are the top five things to do while you are there!

  1. Take a dip with the world-famous swimming pigs
    By far the most popular Exuma attraction, the swimming pigs are a bucket-list item that should not be missed! While their history is uncertain, many locals have shared that the pigs were taken to "Pig Island" after being rescued from blocking the airport runway.

  2. Relax on a Sandbar
    Exuma is blessed with miles of white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. Relaxing on one of Exuma's gorgeous sandbars is a must-do. Big Farmer's Cay and Shroud Cay are two of the most popular sandbars.

  3. Swim with Sharks
    Visit Compass Cay, and you'll have the once in a lifetime chance to swim with nurse sharks. Some rules to follow: pet them on their backs, stay clear of their mouths, if food is being thrown in the water - keep your hands out, never go in the water with an open wound, as the sharks are attacked to blood. Swallow your fears and jump in...and you'll find yourself having the time of your life!

  4. Feed Iguanas
    These endangered species will seem plentiful on the island of Exuma! While you may approach a barren island, keep watching, and one by one they will appear! The iguanas enjoy eating lettuce directly from your hands, but for those a little more timid, they will also eat it from the ground.

  5. Eat Conch Salad
    The national dish of the Bahamas, conch salad, cannot be missed during a trip to the islands! Watch as someone dives for the conch, then prepares it before your eyes. This tasty treat is made of fresh conch, peppers, onion and lime.

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