If your house is anything like mine, the absolute last thing your children need, is one. more. thing. Barbies, baby dolls, Legos (don’t get me started on those), plastic food from the play kitchen, Hot Wheels tracks, games with pieces that will never be seen again, paper (ooooh the paper), markers, stickers, coloring books, race cars, dress up costumes…. I could go on and on.

Ask my kids what they got for Christmas last year, and they may be able to remember one thing. Ask my kids about our trip we took to the Bahamas over Fall Break, and you’ll see their eyes light up as they tell you how they conquered every water slide, got to see sharks and had so much fun with their cousins. Ask my kids to go find that Barbie or Action Figure they “had’ to have for their birthday, you’ll get a blank stare….ask them to draw a picture or tell you a story about our trip to the lake this Summer, and you’ll get the most vivid, precious responses you’ve ever seen or heard. This year, why not give the gift of experience?

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