What to Pack for Your Disney Vacation

The trip is planned. The countdown is on. Now....what on earth should you pack for your Disney Vacation? Here's a list to help you plan ahead. Many items are basic necessities, while others are out of the box suggestions that we've found to come in very handy on our travels!


  • Medications (in their original containers)
  • Passport  / Identification and travel documentation
  • Camera and accessories (batteries, memory card, etc.)
  • Extra prescription glasses or contact lenses
  • Sunscreen or hat
    • If you're flying in and planning to go straight to the parks, make sure to purchase a travel-sized sunscreen that you can carry with you on the plane. You will likely get to your resort faster than your bags if using Magical Express (which you should), and a full size sunscreen is not allowed through the TSA Checkpoint at the airport.
  • Sunglasses
  • Pain killers, cold medicine, band-aids
  • A backpack to carry your belongings at the parks
  • Chewing gum (not sold on Disney property)
  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Wet-wipes
  • Ziploc bags
  • Hand Sanitizer

Attire and Accessories 

  • Swimsuit & Cover-up if you plan on swimming
  • Ponchos
    • These are great if you want to do water rides and not get wet...and there's a good chance it will rain at some point (or many points) during your trip.
    • I suggest stocking up on inexpensive ponchos like these from Amazon, or the Dollar Store. We like to buy one per person per day, and then just throw them away after use.... nothing worse than putting on a slimy poncho that's been stuffed in a backpack after the rain has passed.
  • Comfortable shoes - be sure to bring an extra pair in case one gets wet or begins to hurt
    • I like to wear Reef Sandals (they have a TON of support in them and I have no problem walking in them all day) or tennis shoes, and then I always carry a pair of Natives in my backpack in case it begins to rain.
    • Even if you cannot walk all day in a pair of flip flops, it's nice to have a pair in your bag. I've often changed into sandals to allow my feet to cool off during dinner.
  • Light jacket, sweater or layering piece
  • Your favorite Disney attire!!
  • Mouse Ears
  • Something to have characters autograph
    • We love pillowcases, picture frame mats and Christmas ornaments. Search Pinterest for thousands of other great ideas!

Fun Extras!

  • Autograph Booklet or something for characters to sign
    • We love pillowcases, picture frame mats and Christmas ornaments. Search Pinterest for thousands of other great ideas!
  • Thick pen for characters to hold while signing
  • Glow Sticks for nighttime 
  • Shower Curtain...yes, you need one. 
    • Great to use over a stroller to keep it from  getting wet in the event of rain, and also makes a great seat during parades in case the sidewalks are wet.
  • Snacks
    • Yes, there are TONS of amazing food choices at Disney; however, it's always a great idea to have some snacks in your bag just in case the "hangry" kicks in while waiting in line for an attraction.
    • I love Brother's All-Natural Fruit Crisps, because they weigh nothing and are a healthy option...PLUS, they come in fun Disney packaging!
    • Packs of Goldfish, Applesauce Pouches and boxes of raisins are also great options that travel well!
  • Drink Flavoring
    • It's easy to get dehydrated at the parks between the walking, heat and sun. While water is preferred, we've found we can really encourage extra hydration if we bring along some water enhancers to use for the kids (and ourselves) from time to time. Plus, it helps cut down on the request for slushies and smoothie type drinks that can quickly get expensive!


Please DO NOT bring:

  • Firearms and ammunition, any kind of knives, swords, daggers, bullwhips or any other types of weapons are not allowed on property
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Masks or costumes for anyone over the age of 14 (unless attending the Halloween Party)
  • Large Coolers
  • Large Tripods
  • Glass Containers
  • Shoes that hurt
  • Uncomfortable clothes

What other items are a must bring for your Disney trip? I'd love to hear in the comments below about anything you've found that's a lifesaver at the parks!

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