Dining on a Budget at Atlantis Paradise Island

atlantis paradise island
I’ve been asked over and over again about the cost of food at Atlantis. Yes, it’s expensive, but no more so than dining at a theme park or large city (think Disney World or Las Vegas) That being said, for those who are trying to be mindful of their budget, here are a few ideas on how to keep the cost down while dining in Paradise 🙂
  1. Eat Breakfast in the Room
    Bring granola bars, pop tarts, instant oatmeal, powdered protein shakes, etc. and eat breakfast in the room.
  2. Take advantage of the poolside meal deals.
    Atlantis offers value meals at their quick service dining locations around the pool area. These typically include a burger, fries and drink for around $10-$15. Certainly more expensive than the $1 menu at McDonalds, but the view will be SO much better 🙂
  3. SHARE!
    Lots of the portions at Atlantis are HUGE, so don’t be afraid of not ordering a full meal for every person. This is especially true if you choose to dine at Virgil’s or Carmine’s who serve their food family style. And the large pizza’s at the marina are a great option as well!
  4. Bring your own snacks.
    Applesauce pouches, trail mix, boxes of movie candy for a fun treat for the kids, granola bars, yogurt pouches, beef jerky and dried fruit all travel really well!
  5. Visit the grocery and/or liquor store on your way to the resort.
    Taking a taxi is often cheaper than utilizing Atlantis’ transportation, AND you can ask them to stop along the way so you can pick up some necessities. You could even bring peanut butter and ziplocks from home, grab some bread at the store, and make PBJ’s for lunch if you choose. Remember though, EVERYTHING on the island is imported, so prices will not be the same as the grocery at home!
  6. Venture out!
    Margaritaville, Dunkin’ Donuts, Anthony’s and Subway are all within walking distance of Atlantis. If you go over to the island of Nassau, tourist favorites such as Fat Tuesdays and Señor Frogs are also options, as are most fast food chains (McDonalds, Burger King, etc).
  7. Be sure to pack a collapsible cooler.
    This will allow you to bring drinks, snacks, etc. pool or beachside.You tell me… have you found any reasonable places to dine near Atlantis, or, do you have some favorite snacks or foods that travel really well?

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